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Dog Training

We are very proud of the grounds we have made available for hunting as well as dog training. We offer well kept grounds that are plentiful with game to provide a great place for bird dogs to learn. We offer multiple options to assist in your dog training.

We can make our grounds available for individuals to use in training their own dogs. Here you can have the option of putting your dog on wild birds or use liberated birds in the process.  We can provide you with the birds you desire in your training sessions.

Another option is to allow us to assist your training process. At Ringneck Country, we offer a complete training regiment that will increase your chances for field success.
Please contact us so we can create a training program is personally designed to meet your dogs' needs as well as your pocketbook. We train all breeds of dog, but specialize in Vizsla training for upland hunting.  
Through our process and our years of experience we are able to get most dogs to a favorable response.

We use a common sense philosophy in an attempt to mold your dog into the hunting companion that you desire.
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